Steve Madden

Photo editing, decoration, and submission Facebook app.

  • Responsibilities:Visual design, frontend & backend development
  • Technologies:jQuery, Graph API, PHP
  • Timeframe:May 2014 – July 2014

We were commissioned to develop a Facebook Page app where users could upload their photos, edit and decorate them, and then submit them to a galley, for both desktop and mobile devices.

Screenshot of the front-page of the app.
Screenshot of the app showing the image upload section.
Users could upload images which were previewed on the front-end by using the new FileReader API and readAsDataURL method.
Screenshot of the app showing the image decoration and manipulation controls.
Photos could be rotated, scaled, and decorated with a selection of frames on the front-end. Once submitted, the front-end would pass image manipulation values to the PHP back-end, which would use methods such as imagealphablending and imagefill in order to render the final bitmap image file.
Screenshot of the app showing the gallery.
The gallery showed the uploaded images. Users could 'Like' and share the images using the Facebook Graph API.

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